About the game:

Sky Farm is a mobile turn-based puzzle game where you must use time switches and pickups to progress.

This project was originally developed under UCI's Computer Game Science Capstone Project Course during Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 Quarter. 

Instructor - Joshua G. Tanenbaum 

***Update 5/5/2018 - IEEE GameSig 2018 Competition Winner***

***UCI ICS News Article***


  • 50 Levels split into 9 parts.
  • Turn based puzzle mechanics
  • Time travel grows and kills trees that affect the environment.
  • Patrolling enemies to avoid,  manipulate, and trap.
  • Item pickups used to dig/plant trees, time travel, shear trees, and tame bears.


PC/Mac Movement - Mouse Swiping, WASD, Arrow Keys

Android Movement - Finger Swiping

Development Cheats:

There is an unlock all levels button in the level select screen  and you can use "<" and ">" keyboard keys to skip levels. Currently, the continue button will take you to your highest completed level.

Development Team - Paradox Pig:

Producer and Programmer - Christopher Ayuso -

Lead Artist - Mengfan Wang -

Level Designers - Pafoua Fang, Dong Phan -

Contribution Details:

Everyone played a role in the design of the game.  This includes creating the rules of the game, idea pitches, level creation and iteration.

  • Christopher Ayuso -
    • Project Management (Meetings, to-do lists, work assignments, scoping)
    • Scripts (Animation scripts, UI Handling, Game State and Logic handling, Main Menu, Credits Transition, Auto Align Model, Replace  Model, Saving, Developer Level Editor System, Sound Manager, etc...)
    • Level Design(9/50 levels created not including cut levels, focus on learning levels)
    • Art (UFO pig model, time switch model,  diamond model, image and model touch-ups)
  • Mengfan Wang -
    • Lead Artist(UI graphics, team logo, voxel models and frames)
    • World Building(Background scenery iteration)
    • Level Design(3/50  levels created not including cut levels, focus on unique levels)
    • Sound(Composed background music, SFX searching)
  • Pafoua Fang - 
    • Level Design(Initial Level Design, 19/50 levels created not including cut levels, focus on moderate levels)
    • World Building(1/2 Estimate of background scenery positioning)
    • Art (Barn, Road, Taxi Models)
    • Sound(SFX searching)
  • Dong Phan -
    • Level Design(Initial Level Design, 19/50  levels created not including cut levels, focus on challenge levels)
    • World Building(1/2 Estimate of background scenery positioning)

Outside Resources:

Voxel Models Made Using:

Skybox Texture - Borodar - Farland Skies

SFX Sites:

SFX Clips:

Page Turn

Time Switch


Player Flying

Install instructions

Windows - Unzip file and run .exe application.

Mac - Unzip file and run application

Android - Open apk file on andriod device and allow permission to install. Note: Delete old application when reinstalling an updated version.


Win64 - Sky Farm v1.1 24 MB
Mac - Sky Farm v1.0 26 MB
Android APK - Sky Farm v1.1 29 MB

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